3. Overview of All Courses#

Insights provides enrollment information about all of your courses in aggregate as well as detailed information about enrollment, engagement, and other metrics for each individual course. You find aggregate enrollment information, and access individual courses, on the Courses page.

You can access the Courses page in the following ways.

  • Sign in to Insights. The Courses page opens automatically.

  • At the top of any Insights page, select Insights.

3.1. Viewing Aggregate Enrollment Counts#

To view aggregate enrollment counts for your courses, open the Courses page by signing in to Insights, or by selecting Insights at the top of any page.

At the top of the Courses page, cards show the following top-level metrics across all of your courses.

  • Total Enrollment: The number of past and current enrollments across all of your courses. Learners who have unenrolled in a course do not affect this number.

  • Current Enrollment: The number of current enrollments in all of your courses.

  • Change in Last Week: The net increase or decrease of enrollments across all of your courses over the past seven days.

  • Verified Enrollment: The number of enrollments in the verified enrollment track across all of your courses.

3.2. Viewing Individual Course Enrollment Metrics#

On the Courses page, you can view enrollment metrics for all of your courses in one place. This page contains the Course List table, which provides the following information about each course.

  • Course Name

  • Course ID

  • Course Start Date

  • Course End Date

  • Total Enrollment

  • Current Enrollment

  • Change Last Week

  • Verified Enrollment

  • Passing Learners

For a quick view of information that is important to you, click the title of any column to sort the Course List table by that column.


On Edge, the Course List table does not include the course name, start date, or end date.

3.2.1. Identify Courses With the Highest Enrollment#

If you want to find courses with the highest enrollment, you can sort the table by either the “Total Enrollment” or “Current Enrollment” columns, depending on the metric that you are interested in. This will help you understand which courses attract the most learners.

You can sort by the “Verified Enrollment” column to find courses with the highest number of verified learners.

3.2.2. Identify Recent Enrollment Changes for a Course#

If you are running course marketing campaigns, you may be interested in looking at recent changes in enrollment. If you sort by the “Change Last Week” column in descending order, you can see the courses with the greatest increase in enrollment in the past week. You will need to draw on your knowledge of recent marketing efforts to interpret this data, and assess the impact of marketing efforts on course enrollments.

3.2.3. Identify Courses With the Highest Number of Passing Learners#

If you want to find courses with the highest number of learners who currently have a passing grade in the course, you can sort the table by the “Passing Learners” column.

3.2.4. Access Data for a Specific Course#

To access Insights data for a specific course or courses, locate the name of the course in the Course List table, and then select the course name.

To locate a course in the Course List table, you can use the options in the left pane to limit the courses that the table lists. You can search by course name or course ID, and you can filter by availability and pacing type. You can also combine any of these options.

  • In the Find a Course field, enter any part of the course name or course ID, and then click the search icon.

  • Under Availability or Pacing Type, select the options that you want to include in your search. The list of courses updates automatically when you select or clear an option.

3.2.5. Access Data for Courses in a Program#

To access Insights data for the courses in one or more specific programs, such as XSeries and MicroMasters programs, locate Programs in the left pane, and then select the program or programs that you want. The courses in the program or programs then appear in the Course List table. You can use the Programs filter in conjunction with other filters or searches to find the specific courses that you are interested in.

3.3. Viewing Detailed Enrollment Data for All Courses#

A Course Summary report that shows detailed information for all of your courses is available for download. This report includes columns for course availability and pacing type, two different counts for every enrollment mode, and other information.

To download the Course Summary report in a comma-separated value (CSV) file, select Download CSV.


The Course Summary report contains information for all of your courses, even if you select filters when you view the Course List table.

The CSV file contains the following columns.

  • availability (shows whether the course is archived, current, or upcoming)

  • catalog_course (shows the unique identifier for the course)

  • catalog_course_title

  • count

  • count_change_7_days

  • course_id (shows the unique identifier for a specific course run)

  • cumulative_count

  • end_date

  • enrollment_modes.audit.count

  • enrollment_modes.audit.cumulative_count

  • enrollment_modes.credit.count

  • enrollment_modes.credit.cumulative_count

  • enrollment_modes.honor.count

  • enrollment_modes.honor.cumulative_count

  • enrollment_modes.professional.count

  • enrollment_modes.professional.cumulative_count

  • enrollment_modes.verified.count

  • enrollment_modes.verified.cumulative_count

  • pacing_type

  • passing_users

  • program_ids

  • program_titles

  • start_date

For detailed information about the computations in this report, see Enrollment Computations. Note that the enrollment data that the computations include is the same as the summary metrics presented in the Enrollment Activity report.