6. Student Performance#

To assess how students are doing in your course, make a selection from the Performance menu. Student performance data is available in edX Insights for problem components of these types:

  • Checkboxes

  • Dropdown

  • Multiple choice

  • Numerical input

  • Text input

  • Math expression input

After you select Graded Content, edX Insights displays the grading configuration for your course. You can review performance data for the assignments and problems, and then the answers that students submitted for assigned questions.

After you select Ungraded Problems, edX Insights displays the sections in your course that contain ungraded problem components. You can review performance data for ungraded problems by section and subsection, and then examine the answers that students submitted for the problems.

For performance data to be available for either graded or ungraded course content, at least one student must have submitted an answer for that problem.

Student submissions are updated every day. The computations use the last answer submitted by each student and received through the end of the previous day (23:59 UTC).