2. Overview of EdX Insights#

EdX Insights makes information about courses available to course team members who have the Staff or Admin role. EdX Insights provides these course team members with data about learner activity, background, and performance throughout the course. Using edX Insights can help you monitor how learners are doing, and validate the choices you made in designing your course. It can also help you re-evaluate choices and inform efforts to improve your course and the experience of your learners.

Putting the data provided by edX Insights to work involves:

  • Evaluating reported data against your expectations and hypotheses.

  • Understanding the context of the course run: the environmental factors and choices that make each run unique.

  • Deciding whether action is called for.

  • Selecting the action to take, and when.

EdX Insights includes a brief description for each reported value. To see these descriptions, move your cursor over the “i” information icons that appear at top right of each chart or metric.

The Active Learners Last Week metric with the tooltip "Learners who visited at least one page in the course content" showing.

This guide is intended to offer more complete information about the data that edX Insights presents.

  • For information about the computation of the values that are reported, see the Computation Reference chapter. For a reference to the data that edX collects and stores, see the edX Research Guide.

  • For an introduction to the graphs, metrics, and reports that you can access in edX Insights, see the following topics.

Each of these topics contains a section for anecdotal “Analytics in Action”. These sections showcase how collected data can reveal information about courses and learners, and how course teams might react to the information.

You are invited to share your experiences using edX Insights. Contact the edX documentation team at docs@edx.org.