4.2. Enrollment Demographics#

Who is taking my course? Demographic data about your enrolled learners helps quantify characteristics of the people who are taking your course.

EdX Insights delivers demographic data for three population characteristics: age, educational background, and gender. When learners register an edX or edX Edge user account, they can provide this information about themselves.

Responses to these questions are optional. Learners can update this information at any time on the Account Settings page.


EdX Insights does not use the values that learners select from the Country or Region list to determine learner location. See Location Computations.

In edX Insights, after you select Enrollment and then Demographics, you can choose Age, Education, or Gender to access a chart, metrics, and reports to view or download.

The following chapters provide information about the demographic data that edX Insights presents.

To review detailed data about all of the enrolled learners in your course, you can download the learner profile report from the Instructor Dashboard. For more information, see Learner Data in Building & Running an edX Course.